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Learning by doing.

Turn practise into skill and skill into habit. RISE teaches the ins and outs of (pocket) money management; perfect for taking on finances in adulthood.

To save or to spend?

Your child is in charge of their own money, learning the art of making trade offs between present and future gains.

Watch your child hit their savings goals

Whether saving for a big dream or the newest PS5 game, RISE records their journey to achievement.

An overview just for parents.

With our unique parental controls, you can keep a watchful eye on your child's money habits. They get a taste of financial freedom, without any major "oops" moments.

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The money app and card for kids.

Give your child money skills for life.

All in one app.

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Teach money skills

for life at just €2.99/month per child.

No hidden transactional, international or overdraft fees - cancel anytime.

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